​Grand Theft Auto 6​ Alleged Leak Claims The Game Will Have Two Protagonists

After the highly expected Red Dead Redemption 2 launched, people began to wonder what Rockstar’s next title will be. Rumors started to flood the web, with many of them claiming to be ‘leaks’ revealed by insiders, but it is more probable that the majority, if not all of them are false, just like the alleged leaks about Bully 2 proved to be.

However, a lot of genuine video game leaks have surfaced from anonymous forum posts that cannot be completely ignored. Among those posts is a recent leak on Reddit that claims it has information on the unconfirmed Grand Theft Auto 6.

As per the Reddit post, Grand Theft Auto 6​ will be revealed in 2020, and it will pack San Fierro and Las Venturas, with a map four times the dimension of Grand Theft Auto 5. The leak then goes on claiming that the map will feature landmarks such as Area 51, the Hoover Dam, a flea market, and many more locations. Grand Theft Auto 6​ will allegedly concentrate more on interior locations, unlike its predecessors, allowing fans to explore police stations and many other places.

The leak also mentions the characters of the Grand Theft Auto 6​; allegedly, the game will have two protagonists, which will include the first female main character in GTA series, and also a male protagonist. Moreover, the leak unveiled some additional details on the Grand Theft Auto 6​ playable characters.

In terms of the gameplay, the leaker suggested there will be two separate gun stores for players to get weapons from, casual events that are more intricate than the ones in the previous game, the possibility to purchase real estate like in Vice City, and mini-games such as bowling, gambling and more.

Other Grand Theft Auto 6​ leaks have also talked about a narrative that spans over decades, and some say there is just one playable character, and not two. However, the claims have no back-up, so we should take them with a pinch of salt until Rockstar itself announces the game.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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