​WhatsApp vs. Facebook Messenger – Best Privacy and Features Comparison

Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are owned by the giant Facebook, and most people reportedly use one, if not both these apps. The two platforms have a joined user base of about 2.8 billion people all over the world.

One app, as well as the other, pack lots of strengths but also weak points. Facebook Messenger is all about the contacts you have on Facebook, but WhatsApp is tightly integrated with the contacts you have on your smartphone. Both apps support communication and have features such as calling and group messaging; however, they are incredibly dissimilar.

Here is a short comparison we made between the popular WhatsApp and the classical Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp comes with end-to-end encryption which keeps all your communications private and makes sure that only participants of a conversation can have access to the messages and the content that it shares.

Facebook Messenger encrypts communication by default from the emitter to its server and then encrypts them between the server and the recipient. However, we all know the issues Facebook had with data protection; many people still believe the app is not one to use if you have concerns regarding privacy. And you should.


Using WhatsApp to make a call is best as it allows you to place calls even in areas where the signal is incredibly weak. WhatsApp functions exceptionally well on 3G, Wi-Fi, and even 2G networks. In the meantime, group calling is more decent on Messenger, more so when you need to call up to 50 people.

Image transfer

WhatsApp has a specific number of images you can send, whereas Facebook Messenger does not have this type of limit. Messenger is also integrated with Facebook and uses facial recognition to identify people you know in the photos.


Both apps feature a modern design, with WhatsApp packing a more easy to use user interface. Messenger comes with useful features as well, including gradients, dark mode, and so on.

Delete sent messages

While WhatsApp enables you to delete sent messages, Messenger does not have this feature. There are rumors that the latter app is working on the option, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

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