5G Technology Is Going to Be a Huge Thing, and Here’s Why

Space companies from everywhere want to come with more data to your device, and faster than before.

Companies from SpaceX to Amazon will launch soon new satellites that can carry the extra weight. Cellular network providers from all around the world started to upgrade their equipment in order to meet future demands. The new technology will start being built for the brand new 5G networks. It’s a huge step after the 4G technology, which enables you to do a lot of amazing things, such as stream Netflix.

5G will be better than that, according to Will Townsend, who’s a senior analyst for the firm Moors Insight & Strategy. Users won’t experience as much latency as before. When talking about latency, we refer to the time it takes to send a packet of data to a receiver on a particular network. 4G networks have 50 milliseconds; 5G will come with 10 times better – 5 milliseconds. The experience will be a faster and a more responsive one – faster downloads and a non-buffered video playback experience. Mobile gamers will surely appreciate the quick responsiveness. Business applications will differ, from telesurgery to remote manufacturing, and there will also be a “richer retail experience bridging online capabilities.”

The using of 5G will also help the Internet of Things to rise, together with all the other smart devices. We all know there are already intelligent fridges, stoves, and many security systems. People are also using wearable devices that work with the help of mobile networks.

In the meantime, businesses have added tracking devices in different locations, such as shipping containers, gas and oil lines, and power generators. Each of these devices provides real-time insight about the status of the thing that is tracked.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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