A New Exclusive Title will be Available for the PS5

The PS4 has been certified as the second best-selling console in the world, as more than 100 million units have been sold. Many argue that a rich selection of exclusive video games contributed to the popularity of the device, along with the excellent PS Now service.

One of the most successful exclusive video game is Horizon Zero Dawn, which was developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Players will take on the role of Aloy, a hunter who lives in a world dominated by massive robots. With the help of a vast assortment of ranged weapons, a reliable spear, and several abilities players will explore the world and complete quests.

Earlier this year, voice actor Janina Gavankar, who plays Tatai in the Frozen Wilds DLC, has mentioned that a  new game is in development, stating that the sequel will be very impressive.

Guerilla has also shared several announcements as the studio is looking forward to hiring new employees for an ambitious open-world title that could be released at some point in the future. The latest round of job adverts names the game directly as it seeks to attract video game designers and developers who can build 3D models from the ground up.

Some sources speculate that Horizon Zero Dawn could be a launch title for the PS5 but that remains to be seen as game developing is a complicated task and many first-party games tend to be delayed as developers want to remove the bugs and deliver an impressive experience, unlike some of the products which were released recently by select AAA developers.

The PS5 could be unveiled during a special event in 2020, and several teases and showcases will be released before the holiday season. Sony plans to attract new buyers by offering a system that can deliver an impressive experience, including real-time GPU ray-tracing.

Arya Spetza

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