AirPods Could Come in a Bundle with the Next iPhone 12 Models

New information has come to us from the publication DigiTimes about Apple wanting to bundle the new iPhones with AirPods next year. The report says that the following companies – Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi will be the ones that will try to bundle the new phone models with TWS earbuds. TWS is short for truly wireless stereo, in which segments enter the AirPods from Apple and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

If we analyze the report rationally, one pair of AirPods cost $159. If Apple includes $159 at the already high price of a new iPhone, the price for the bundle will be expensive. So, only this first, though, is making the package quite impossible to realize because of the cost.

Besides this, the possibility that the company will give the AirPods for free it’s quite surreal. The AirPods are a popular product from the company. So, there is nothing to gain if the buds will come for free in the bundle.

AirPods Could Come in Bundle with the Next iPhone 12 Models

Apple is earning more money by selling the products as they are right now, and this is not only a theory. The company declared that the earbuds are selling so good, that they have to double the production.

However, even if we have rational reasons to believe that Apple will not bundle the AirPods, at the same time, this could actually happen. Maybe the company is trying to add a modern feel to its phones and remove the EarPods. If the AirPods are right now the best-selling TWS, then the bundle will have a positive impact on clients.

Finally, we don’t have an official statement regarding this report, so, for now, we are treating it as a rumor. We have to wait until the final of the next year to see if AirPods will come in a bundle with iPhone 12 models.

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