Amazon Echo Buds Bring High-Quality Sound At An Affordable Price

Lately, there is a new race in the world of technology, and that’s between earbuds. With Samsung and Apple already fighting for supremacy with their Galaxy Buds and, respectively, Air Pods series, it’s surprising that it took some time for Amazon to join in the battle. But that ended recently when the company announced the Amazon Echo Buds.

On the other hand, even though Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and has the necessary funds to come up with some exciting novelties, especially in the smartphone universe, the giant fell short to do it. Its Amazon Fire Phone was a mistake, and the device remains now only an asset for collectors.

But, it seems now that Amazon Echo Buds might finally bring some notoriety for Amazon in the world of mobiles. The earbuds seem incredible as they bring high-quality sound at an affordable price in comparison with their competition.

Amazon Echo Buds launched – Quality sound, low price, and more

The most crucial feature brought by Amazon Echo Buds is its replaceable parts. Users can change the silicon tips, the rings that hold them in place, and many more. Also, they come in three different sizes, so a buyer would definitely find a measure that fits his/her ears.

In addition, the sound delivered by these earphones is not at all poor, but on the contrary. But, the rest of the customizations and setup are available via the proprietary software that rolled out along with the Amazon Echo Buds.

As for the price, Amazon Echo Buds costs $130, which is $30 less than AirPod 2 and with about $120 lower than the recently announced AirPods Pro. Even though a $99 price tag would have boosted Amazon Echo Buds sales, the current cost is acceptable for the high-quality of the sound and the other features of these earphones.

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