AMD Navi 23 Nvidia Killer GPU With a Feature of Hardware Ray Tracing Planned to Release Next Year

AMD is currently planning a GPU with a feature of built-in hardware support for ray tracing. Developers named their project Nai 23 or “NVIDIA Killer,” and it might be launched in 2020. A recent Linux driver, however, indicated that Navi 23 represents one of three various RX 6000 series GPUs that Radeon is developing on TSMC’s 7nm+ process node and the RDNA2 gaming graphics features are something titles “microarchitecture.” The other GPUs are Navi 21 and Navi 22. The second-generation Radeon DNA building is developed to be the first of its series to support the hardware-accelerated ray tracing wholly. Navi 23, however, is the only planned to be the most important Navi GPU that’s going to compete with NVIDIA. All of these, though, are merely speculations.

Nav 23 is, of course, set to compete and bring some value to the high-end graphics market. We don’t have to expect such a high performance, because we don’t know exactly how competitive that GPU will be, especially with NVIDIA’s Ampere set to launch soon. Navi 23, however, is expected to come with significant full hardware-accelerated ray tracing and many other architectural enhancements. Some of the features included are:

  • advanced and faster chaces;
  • extra efficient combined accuracy compute;
  • permanent computing and more powerful instructions per clock;
  • more enhanced voltage regulation for greater clock speeds among a host of other features.

What developers intend to do is managing enough power to get as much performance as possible from a structured 250W budget. For example, Navi 10 is a powerful GPU for its relatively tiny size, being only 251mm big and pulls as much strength as the 545m large TU104.

Until more details, however, we’ll have to wait for some 2020 statements.

Arya Spetza

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