Android 10 is Now Available to Install on Pixel Devices with New Features

The long wait is now over as Android 10 will be available for Pixel devices today. Several months were spent on the beta as the company strived to improve the OS and deliver an excellent users experience which is not accompanied by bugs or other issues. Google has also mentioned that it is working with a selection of partners to deliver the update this year on non-Pixel devices.

A selection of features

Android 10 will come with a wealth of new features which should many fans happy. A stricter permission policy will allow users to gain more control over their privacy as they can decide which app gains access to sensitive data while also having the freedom to revoke any permissions which seem to be unfair.

Users who tend to check notifications and other apps often will enjoy a new Focus mode which disables distractions and allows them to focus on what they have to do. The anticipated Dark Theme will bring a touch of style to devices while also reducing eye and battery strain at the same time.

Project Mainline is an essential feature of the new OS, allowing Google to deliver critical security patches via the Google Play Store, removing the need to wait until the manufacturers release dedicated updates for their smartphones. The additions quite useful but due to the specific protocols which are involved it will only work on devices which are shipped with Android 10.

Google has promised that all the first-party apps will offer support for the Dark Theme, but updates which bring this feature will be released at a later date due to some development difficulties.

The new gesture navigation system sparked many debates among the fan base, as some are looking forward to the feature while others argue that it merely a flashy gimmick. Those who prefer the classic three-button setup will have the option to use it.

A global roll-out will take place in the following days.

Arya Spetza

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