Apex Legends Brings Forge As The New Character, Not Revenant

Attention Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation fans! A lot of new content will be added to Respawn’s battle royale! Besides its the new content to Respawn’s battle royale, developers will add a new sniper rifle.

Novelties in Apex Legends Season 4

Specs of the new sniper rifle – the Sentinel

“The Sentinel is a new sniper rifle–it’s a bolt action sniper rifle,” Apex Legends design director Jason McCord said during the stream. “So it feels really powerful, it’s got that cool animation where you cock it back, and it’s a little different than our other sniper rifles because it has a charge mechanic.”

The new Sentinel weapon will most likely function in a similar way to a Triple-Take or Peacekeeper. The Triple-Take or Peacekeeper has a Precision Choke attachment implemented. “Don’t wanna go too deep on [the charge mechanic] right now, but it does give you a little more decision-making to do whenever you’re taking those shots,” McCord said. “Do you really want to try and take the most powerful shot you can take right now?”

“I’ve enjoyed playing with [the Sentinel] a lot as well,” he said. “It has that neat twist of almost having another fire mode,” said Apex Legends community manager Jay Frechette. It makes us believe that the Sentinel is a sniper rifle that can fire either a charged but slow single shot without the need for any attachments or quick but weak shots.

Forge is the new character in Apex Legends Season 4

Before the launch of the new season in Apex Legends, rumors emerged that Revenant will be the new character in the game. However, the devs added Forge, not Revenant.

“This guy, he’s the exact opposite of Crypto — who was our last Legend,” said Tom Casiello, the Apex Legends game writer. “This guy, he’s a brawler, he gets up close and personal with you, he’s got a mean left hook, he’s a five-time Hyperfighting Federation Champion. Big personality,” he added.

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