Apex Legends – New Revenant Leak Reveals Essential Detail About Season 4

If you watched the Season 4 dev stream on January 23, then you may have seen there was absolutely no word on Revenant, the leaked Legend.

However, thanks to dataminer ‘That1MiningGuy,’ we got to see how Revenant really looks like and what this could mean for Season 4 in Apex Legends.

Considering the Revenant was leaked after the Season 3 events, Apex Legends players believed this new Legend will be the next one to come to the game.

However, when Forge was revealed in the dev stream and was announced as the headline of the Season 4 launch, we couldn’t stop wondering what happened to Revenant.

That’s until That1MiningGuy discovered EA’s image of The Revenant. All he needed to do was change a character in the web address to get the image featured above.

As you can see in the leaked image, the red robot holds a metal skull and the backdrop is a volcano and some skyscrapers. This can only mean that Season 4 could either launch with two Legends or Forge comes first and then Revenant comes right after that (or the other way around?).

Apex Legends Season 4 – Mysterious Silhouette

Another hint at the Revenant is the official image on the Season 4 website that shows a red image that, if you outline the glitch, you can see the Legend.

Fans are a bit paranoid about all of this, considering ‘FrozenFroh’ (Apex Legends Loremaster) said on Reddit:

Forge came out of nowhere, Revenant had the Halloween tease and other *datamines* I won’t mention.

And on the devstream, they use black and white for Forge’s Season 4, but, in the end, it changes to RED

Not to mention, this is the first time they tease a legend with straight-up their key-art in-game, it feels like a trap.

I’m sure Forge is coming, but Revenant might be sooner than expected, and this might just be a double bamboozle.”

So far, we can all agree leaks are no official confirmation, but looking at all these leaks and the Forge reveal, we cannot help but think that Season 4 will bring forth not one, but two Legends.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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