Apple, Google, and Amazon Teamed Up for the 2020 Smart Home Bond

If you intend to turn your house in a smart type one, you should know, a lot of challenges will come. From a system to fit other systems, smartphones, TV, ecosystem, to TV, all of these could be more available and easy to install soon. Some of the biggest companies and providers want to team up to ensure you a more comfortable home environment.

Apple, Google, and Amazon Prove the Conglomerate is Strong

When it comes to end-user systems, only a few of us can imagine something else rather than Apple, Google, and Amazon. Those three companies, along with the Zigbee Alliance, intend to develop a single model for communication in the smart home on IP data. Such a thing should make everything easier to install and more accessible.

It would also be more comfortable for developers to introduce brand-new devices to the market. After all, however, the communication between the devices should be simplified to such extent that virtually almost everything could be connected with the rest of the devices.

Moreover, the bond of the three tech titans with the smart home agreement is dubbed “Project Connected Home over IP.” According to the official details published, the goal of the plan is to make it more manageable for device developers to create products compatible with voice services and home — for example, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Old Products Can’t Be Converted Anymore

The only thing that won’t work correctly or at all is going to be the converting of existing devices to the new standard, according to a released statement. We don’t know precisely why and is possibly more in store than we can understand now. The first devices could be the ones developed by the three giants providers and include products that have sustained themselves and only require an adaptation.

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Ben Johnson

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