Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Latest Leaks and Rumors – What We Know So Far?

Apple surprised us this year with a lot of novelty and devices. We can say that 2019 was Apple’s year, judging by the release of a few iPhone, a new update to its iOS, and they aren’t closing the year with only this new MacBook. If you are an Apple fan, then you must be excited about this news, so let’s see what the new MacBook Pro 2019 has in sleeves for you.

Apple MacBook Pro 2019

The new MacBook Pro is featuring a 16 inches display and a change regarding the butterfly keyboard. About the screen, we can say that it is the highlight of the laptop, but regarding the keyboard, we remember the problems it had back in 2016 when it was introduced, so the change is good. Apple is mindful of the new-age devices with modern designs, so the laptop has a big display and slim bezels. Also, the louder speakers are an improvement to take into consideration.

Besides this, Apple isn’t stopping here, because another version of MacBook Pro will launch at the end of the year. The next release will be the high-end of this model; we think that the improvement will be on RAM or storage. Returning to the MacBook Pro 2019, Apple is continuing on the same line of design. The laptop is the same as the other models, but the change is in the weight and thickness. As we know from the previous models, they became slimmer and lighter. This model is thicker because of the difference regarding the keyboard, and it will sport a bigger battery as well.

Finally, we don’t have a release date from Apple for the MacBook Pro 2019, but we know that the starting price begins from $2.399. If you want an upgraded version of the model, the price will increase, of course.

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