Apple Users Started To Receive iOS 13.3 Update

If you are an iPhone user, we have good news for you: Apple just released its newest software version, iOS 13.3 for iPhones. The update is currently rolling out to users with compatible devices all around the world. The update contains the usual bug fixes and some new features that we are going to discuss below.

Fortunately for users that have been waiting for this feature for some time, iOS 13.3 now supports the use of FIDO2-compliant USB-C, NFC, and Lightning physical security devices with Apple’s Safari browser. Even more, the addition of native support makes it possible for developers to add support for security keys more easily.

In earlier versions of the software, iOS app developers had to add support for each app individually. Now this is no longer an issue, thanks to the iOS 13.3 update. Since Yubico launched a Lightning security key in August, the feature is a perfectly-timed addition.

However, is security keys are not your cup of tea, you can still enjoy the new feature. Security keys can be used to boost online security, acting as a physical token. This will help users verify their identities when logging in online. Security keys work on numerous services, like Gmail, Twitter, Outlook, Dropbox, Facebook and more.

Additionally, besides the addition of security keys, iOS 13.3 delivers enhanced RAM management. Furthermore, beta testers say the new version also brings Screen Time communication limits for phone calls, iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud contacts.

The brand new iOS version also adds the option to hide Memoji stickers from your keyboard settings. Since some users don’t like these stickers very much, this is a good addition.

If you want to get the iOS 13.3 update, all you have to do is go to Settings>General>Software Update. From there, you can start the download.


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