Apple will supply parts to independent repairers

Apple launched a program in the United States on Thursday that will allow independent smartphone repairers to purchase official parts, tools, and repair guides directly from the company. The initiative will soon be rolled out to other countries.

This is an announcement that is long awaited by the faithful of the brand to the apple. Until now, the only places where it was possible to repair your iPhone with official parts were Apple stores and the few authorized service providers such as Best Buy stores.

Apple argues that this initiative will alleviate the strong demand that the company and its partners have for repairs.

Bringing your iPhone to independent repairers can give mixed results. For example, we learned a few weeks ago that the health check feature of the battery was disabled on iPhone XS and XS Max whose battery had not been replaced by the Cupertino company itself .

Independent stores will be eligible to join this repair program, but will need a 40-hour training course offered by Apple for access.

Apple has long discouraged customers from dealing with third-party repairers, something that makes this announcement all the more surprising. Among other things, the company actively campaigned against US bills that would force equipment makers to make spare parts and repair manuals available.

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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