Apple’s 2019 iPad Model Brings New Features, Reportedly Making It The Best Laptop Replacement

Apple proudly presented at the recent Cupertino-based event its newest iPad, which represents the 7th generation. The device promises to impress once again with its flawless features and design.

With its newest iPad unveil, Apple succeeded in making quite the impression, especially when the play starts at just $329. What could be different this time? The company announced its most significant achievement so far by presenting the 7th generation of iPads as a replacement for laptops.

Of course, this will probably start a technology revolution among Apple fans, but we couldn’t be more content. From assuring us that we will work effortlessly on any project, taking notes, studying, or gaming to a new approach for experiencing your freedom, the latest Ipad has it all.

The 2019 iPad Model Brings Some New Features

Here are all the features that will surely fit your expectations and desires:

  • Introducing the star of the highlights – The Smart Keyboard: with an easy way to attach it you can start typing wherever you want, anytime;
  • Bringing the tool that you thought you didn’t need – the Apple Pencil: precision and smart design, with natural movements. It could be your one of a kind writing instrument for an iOS device;
  • 10.2-inch Retina Display: hard not to notice it because of its amazing details and pure, vivid colors;
  • A10 Fusion Chip: a lot of new experiences for games or AR apps;
  • Enhanced Reality: AR experiences like never before! The sensors linked to the vast Retina display allow you to increase your joy for shopping or playing;
  • An incredible 10-hour battery life;
  • Slim, light and long-lasting aspect;
  • Over 1 million apps via App Store;

The 7th generation iPad is significantly more powerful and efficient than its predecessors. Apple explained how useful the device would be mainly because it will represent a replacement of a laptop. What’s more interesting is that the developers offer us the newest iPad at prices starting at just $329. For the Smart Keyboard, you will have to spend an extra $160.

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