Battlefield 6 — Release Date, Gameplay, and More

Players want more military-based games, high standards games that can project the Battlefield franchise very well. We’re talking about Battlefield 6.

Battlefield 3 was the last game of Battlefield series and was very appreciated in terms of storyline and gameplay. The Battlefield series is about first-person shooters’ video games. Swedish company EA DICE developed the series, and American company Electronic Arts published it.

Battlefield 6 — Release Date, Gameplay, and More

Level of Competition

It looks like Call of Duty is ready for a strong comeback this year, and with the announcement of Modern Warfare Reboot, they are halfway through. There will be a fierce contest on which battlefield will win from the past two years and in the division of classical wars, as the game is brought back the game to its roots.

There won’t be any new version release of Battlefield game this year. This move could be a massive turn as it indicates a leap for the rival Call of Duty for sure.

Game Mechanics

The issue with these war historic based games is the old weapons technology, which does not impress the players. These ancient weapons are not satisfactory for the users who want to be entertained by advanced weaponry and air support. The life of the Battlefield game could change if developers drop the idea of the Vietnam era.

However, it looks like Battlefield 6 is based on a Vietnam era, but there are also rumors of Battlefield Bad Company 2 possibility of the return. Bad company 2 deserves a comeback; however, Battlefield developers focus on the Vietnam Era; therefore, it is only fair to assume that it could be in the next series to come out.

The date for Battlefield 6 official release is yet to be confirmed. The game was on a break last year, and it is expected to be released in October this year.

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