Best 5 Rugged Smartphones Available at Cheap Prices

We all remember what was life before smartphones. The phones were a lot thicker, and they were used for calling. Today, we have many more things to do with our phones. Those phones could take a drop to the ground quite quickly. We have written this article to give you the best-rugged smartphones.

Sonim XP8

One of the best ones in our list is Sonim XP8. We are talking about the next in line after the well-known Sonim XP7. This new device comes with all the great features of its brothers, but it has also come with some significant enhancements for some of its core elements. This has made it perfect for 2019.

This one is better for construction workers, and the first responders in case of emergencies. It has kept its Push-To-Talk function, which is the best tool in a dangerous situation. This is like a walkie-talkie service. It’s waterproof, and it will survive pretty much every kind of falling.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1

This one is part of the ToughPad series that comes from Panasonic. It’s basically a handheld tablet which can make phone calls, and that’s compatible with 4G LTE data. It’s not prepared for the common purpose – this one is also designed for industry workers. It’s a huge device, with a thick, 3.4×6.5×1.2 inch-case. It has a strap which it makes sure you won’t drop it.

The density of the pixels is quite low, and the colors are not as dominant as those of other phones. But you can use the screen with gloves, and it can sense the raindrops, which means that it will prevent your screen from activating from the drops.

Blackview BV9700 Pro

Blackview is known to release rugged device after rugged device. It’s good because this means that people have more devices to choose from. This device has come with a lot of element from the flagship devices from last year – we have the large screen, the notch, and the small bezels. It has a rubber coating, which will protect it if you drop it on the floor. On the right and left of your smartphone, we have some anti-wear titanium alloy pieces, and there’s also a rear panel that surrounds the camera lens. It also has a fingerprint sensor. You can take pictures underwater, and there’s a dual-camera setup and a flash LED.

It can detect the quality of the air, and it comes with a heartbeat monitor and a VOC sensor. If you work in the industrial environment, it will be quite useful, since it finds any unhealthy Volatile Organic Compounds.


This one is yet another device that got the best from its brothers. Moreover, it also got a thermal camera, which is better. It comes with an air quality sensor as well and a laser measuring feature. The internal hardware is stronger. The corners are rounded, and, as we can all see, the bezels are narrower. The frame is made out of aluminum. It measures 5.91×2.99×0.51 inches. If you want to get access to the SIM and microSD card slots, you need to remove the tray that’s placed on the left side of the device. It also has a USB port and an audio jack.

Its case makes it strong- it can survive a drop from 6 feet right onto concrete. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. The screen won’t get a scratch if you drop it on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

This one is not made for extreme situations, but it can be used by construction workers. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, or excessive pressure, and it is waterproofed. You can put the phone 5 feet underwater, and it will survive for 30 minutes. The phone is made out of plastic – you read that right. It measures 2.9×0.3×5.8 inches, and it does not come with a microSD or a removable battery.

It has the Quad HD Super AMOLED display, and it’s the best display from the entire list. It comes with a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. It has Android Lollipop.

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