Best Google Stadia Alternatives For Cloud Gaming

Such as video streaming services, for example, Netflix, the need, and evolution have brought the same service for gamers, known as cloud gaming. Thanks to that, every player can benefit from cloud gaming and less headache. In this article, we’ll talk about the best Google Stadia alternatives.

The gaming and device world is continuously changing, so for a gamer is challenging to keep up with the new improvements, improve the performance of the PC or consoles and have a lot of spaces for all the games wanted. Right now, with only a subscription, you can have all the games you want on every device you have.

Today we will offer you other cloud gaming services besides Google Stadia. Even if the service is streaming in 4k on all the devices, you need to buy every game that you want, because you can’t install them just like that. So, what we are giving you as an alternative are – PlayStation Now, Project xCloud, Shadow, GeForce Now, and Vortex.

Best Google Stadia Alternatives

PlayStation Now

From PlayStation Now, which is the oldest cloud gaming service on the market, you can get more than 800 titles for all their consoles. You can pay for the subscription $9.99 per month, $24.99 per month, or $59.00 per year. The company is adding month by month new titles, and the good part is that you don’t need to install them.

Project xCloud

Moving on with our list of alternatives, Project xCloud is in the testing phase, and gamers can use the service without any payment. The exciting thing about using this service is that you don’t need an actual console for it, and you don’t need to have a game. You can play using your smartphone or tablet, with an internet connection, Android 6 Marshmallow or bellow, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Xbox One Wireless Controller, and the Xbox Game Streaming app.


Using Shadow, you will get access to Windows 10 remote desktop, browsing the web, any game you desire, or other apps and software. You can access Shadow from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone, etc.), and you will also get a 4K resolution with 60fps. Unfortunately, the subscription is high, such as $35 per month, or $9.95 for ten days if you want to try it.

GeForce Now

Also, GeForce Now from Nvidia is in Beta mode and available for North America and Europe. You can use the streaming service for Mac, Windows, and Nvidia Shield TV Streaming devices, and you will have 400+ games on your library. You can access GeForce Now only if you join the program.


Finally, Vortex is like a PlayStation gaming service, with 100 titles at $9.99 per month. You can use the service on your mobile and tablets on both OS. It is available in Europe, South America, the U.S, and Canada.

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