Best HTML5 Alternatives to Add to Your Website

The HTML5 language has had an evolution, which caused many multimedia resources to be added to various websites, without worrying about the final files, as they used to. You can easily add video and audio to your site without any problems. There are also no loading problems, either.

Now, you can implement HTML5 audio tracks, and it’s all thanks to the properties of the language. Being able to do this, it comes in handy for online radios and platforms that offer paid or free music. We are also talking about any site that wants to include background music for offering a better experience for its visitors.

We are here to give you a list of HTML5 audio players that come with modern features and simple designs.


sPlayer is an amazing music player, which allows you to create playlists, share songs through links, and search for your favorite songs. You can also stream live programs and rate different songs.

It comes with support for formats like AAC, OGG, OGA, MP4, MP3, and M4A. You’re also able to import files and download songs. Also, you can mark a song as a favorite, and that song will be saved, which means that next time, when users enter your site, they can listen to music from your lists.


This one is a design audio player, which is made for retina screens. There are three cover styles that you can edit with CSS. It’s also optimized for iOS and Android, which means that you can listen to music from your mobile devices. There’s also an SEO optimization, which allows you to add YouTube and Soundcloud tracks.


This one is an HTML5 audio player that enables you to stream live audio. If you own a radio, you can use Kast to add it to your website. Visitors can listen to your music on your site by using computers, mobile devices, or tablets.

It comes with support for many audio formats, like AAC and AAC+, OGG, and MP3. It’s also customizable, and it was originally designed by following the guidelines of Google Material Design. It’s also optimized for retina screens.

The player appears in the corner of the browser, and it gives you details about the track. You can add images about the artist or the album, as most of the players show on computers or phones.

Chameleon HTML5 Audio Player – with or without a playlist

You can use this in order to complete your audio player, or simply to add background music to your website. You can change the background colors, the volume, the details about songs, even the search bar. It comes with support for OGG and MP3, and it is compatible with phones. You can also add multiple players on a single website.

HTML5 Audio Player – with Playlist

This one creates playlists automatically. It comes with an API that helps you in choosing what you want to include in the player. Also, by using CSS, you can change the look of it in order to match your website.

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