Best Mega Knight Challenge Tricks and Tips

Mega Knight is a well-known card from Royal Arena or a Legendary Chest. It is a character with lots of hitpoints and average damage. Mega Knight costs seven elixirs to install, and it always proves to be efficient. As we know to enter a challenge comes with a few rules. You must play with a deck that you create, and of course, the deck must contain a Mega Knight. Consider beginning with an early playing because the first hours of the challenge are the easiest to win. Later on, the challenge will become more difficult, and the players will get to counter the card, and it will become harder. Try to use all the cards you got. Using all the cards, even if they are not all unlocked will help you. For example, if you usually play Hog, try not to pick other cards you don’t have only because you can do that. Mega Knight is for everyone. For that, you might consider using the decks that only take into account. Also, you always have to support your Mega Knight. Here are some more useful tips that you might consider taking them into account:

  • Begin slowly and play safe. The most useful trick is also the easiest. Don’t rush with the elixir and act patiently. Also, if you took a wrong turn, try to get rid of the elixir by simply dumping it at the bridge, for a surprise attack.
  • Verify the Deck Shop for some new deck tips. You have many sources to do that. Users and players on Twitter and YouTube share new decks, some challenge meta shifts, and more, always. Keep an eye on what’s new by checking them out. For some recommended decks, you might consider ‘MegaKinght Miner,’ ‘MegaKnight Ballon Miner Minions,’ ‘Mega Knight Skelly Barrel,’ and more.

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