Best Offline Android Games of 2019

A stable internet connection is a great boon for many smartphone users, but it may not be available at all times. Many smartphone games rely on it to provide ads, access to paid features, and to encourage users to play another round or to spend some money or items that could improve the gameplay experience. Below you can find a curated selection of the best offline Android games of 2019.

Best Offline Android Games of 2019

Alto’s Odyssey

The anticipated sequel to Alto’s Adventure offers a thrilling adventure that can entertain users for hours. Besides swapping the snow slopes for the tantalizing desert, the games also pack a selection of new features. Players will enjoy varied levels, a kit of movement tricks, and more secrets that can be found. Race for the highest score or relax while playing the Zen mode. It is available for free.

Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition

While the first mobile version of the popular fighting game required an active internet connection, Capcom decided to patch an offline mode. Those who chose to play the game will have access to a selection of modes, including the popular arcade mode and solo challenges against the AI.

You can download a free demo, but $5 will unlock all the classic fighters and new competitors. The control scheme is decent, and an assist mode can be enabled for easy special moves.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

While the Pocket Edition part of the name was dropped from the listing present on the Google Play Store, it is still used by mobile gamers. This version of the game may not feature all the bells and whistles that are present in the case of the PC release.

However, it receives all the major updates, and it is one of the best offline Android games out there. A vibrant open-world offers a fascinating sandbox experience that can keep players busy for hundreds of hours. While a free trial is available, the full game costs $6.99.

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