Best Surface Pro Alternatives Available For 2020

Surface Pro is the most lightweight laptop from Microsoft. The computer is coming with good battery life and some improvements, even if not everyone prefers it. But if you are looking for a cheap but excellent alternative, we will present you with some good options. Also, you can improve your Surface Pro with pens and other accessories, but let’s talk about what you can buy with a budget and some useful features.

Best Alternative for a Good Work Laptop

The first alternative is the ThinkPad X1 Tablet. If you want a laptop with an excellent screen, a hard shell, modern features, then this one is for you. The computer has an Alexa personal assistant and a 13 inches display. The price for the laptop is $2.459, and we will get the Thunderbolt 3 ports with it, a headset jack, digital pen support, and MicroSD card reader.

The second variant could be Samsung Galaxy TabPro S at only $799. TabPro S is similar to Surface Pro because it is a 2-in-1 tablet. You will have 12 inches Super AMOLED touch screen and Windows 10 Intel Core M processor to run the tablet. Unfortunately, you don’t have the pen support, but you will have a good battery life, and you can connect the tablet with other Samsung Galaxy devices.

Besides these two examples, we can recommend you Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1 Business Laptop. Because we are talking about Dell, the price is around $919, and it comes with a beautiful display, support for Dell pens, USB and SIM ports, and excellent performance. The 7000 series are known for the fact that they can be repaired without worries besides the Surface Pro.

The last variants are HP Envy X2 and HP Elite. These two are coming on prices between $799 and $1.499. The model HP Elite X2 is looking like a tablet, but deep inside is more of a PC. So you will have a pen and a detachable keyboard, a 13 inches display, and the 8th Generation of Intel Core i7 processor. HP Envy 2 has some similarities with Elite X2, but you won’t have a tablet working as a PC. You will have a smartphone that works like a tablet. The processor is a Qualcomm and some lower specs, but affordable.

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