Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones

In recent years smartphones have become one of the most popular tools, offering access to a large selection of handy features. Many users love to use their device to record videos of important events in their lives, among which we can count attending a wedding, visiting a newborn baby, or creating content for their blog or vlog. Even people who do this occasionally will enjoy the features offered by good video editing apps.

Best Video Editing Apps For Smartphones


PowerDirector is an excellent video editing app that is quite popular among users, enjoying an average review score of 4.5 stars. Those who download the free version of the app will enjoy access to essential features, among which we can count trim, rotate, and split. A handy timeline editor will allow users to construct a timeline and insert transitions. If you want to make videos without a prominent watermark you will need to pay for the full version.


As the name may infer, this app will offer the chance to become a cinema director and showcase your skills. It includes a wide assortment of useful tools: several layers, a special effect that can enhance a scene, the option to add voiceovers and subtitles. Besides these features, the app also sports speed controls, blending, and the ability to use a green screen for awesome scenes. It is quite popular among content creators for YouTube and TikTok.


Quik is an interesting offering since it packs awesome features, but it is completely free. A rich selection of tools allows users to enhance their videos quickly. Besides standard editing tools, Quick offers the option to include text overlays, title slides, and emojis to add a little spice to your videos. Choose between one of the 23 available themes. Each theme sports professional graphics and transition that can be used to improve your content. The application, which is one of the best video editing apps for smartphones, also harnesses the power of AI to arrange videos and short video clips into an awesome video.

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