Best VidMate Alternatives Available to Download for Free

In this day and age, streaming has become quite popular as users can enjoy a wealth of content, among which we can count movies, TV series, songs, and others.

While streaming services continue to spread, some cannot use them due to some reason. They may not have access to a reliable internet connection, or their contract mentions a strict data cap. Since many people enjoy content across several platforms they have to pay for several subscriptions, and the cost can be quite high.

VidMate offered users the chance to enjoy their favorite content without the need to pay a dime. The service used to be quite popular, but it has fallen from grace in recent times after some sources discovered that the app contained malicious code. Below you can find a selection of solid alternatives to VidMate.

TubeMate 3

As the name may infer,  TubeMate 3 was designed from the ground up to facilitate the downloading of videos from YouTube.  The app comes with a lovely user interface, excellent download options and built-in media player capability.


InsTube is a great choice for those who enjoy access to more flexibility and the ability to play with the settings and options. It is compatible with several websites and offers a built-in search feature, the ability to choose the desired format options, and fast download times.


SnapTube has been a popular alternative for a long while since the app comes with excellent features; a robust download manager and the option to save and watch Full HD content and native resolution.

Muvi Downloader

Muvi Downloader is another free app that can help users to download content from many websites. It can download several files at the same time, and there is also the option to pause and resume the downloads at a later time if you want to do something else.


Tubidy is lightweight and compatible with a large number of websites. It also includes nice extra features, including the option to listen to internet radio or to access the service from your PC by using the official website.

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