Best YouTube Alternatives Available to Download for iOS and Android

YouTube is an excellent source of multimedia contents online. The web version of YouTube has one of the highest numbers of visitors, and its app version is one of the most downloaded streaming apps worldwide.

YouTube has a great many features, but the user’s desire better alternatives to YouTube for the following reasons:

  • Users cannot multi-task while using the YouTube app
  • No download option on YouTube
  • Restricted multimedia contents

Seven Best YouTube Alternatives


NewPipe is an open-source YouTube app running without Google API or Google Play Services. The app has the same interface with YouTube. Other exciting features of the app includes video download, multi-tasking, video-play in the background, lightweight and low storage consumption.


OGYouTube is the best YouTube alternative with the same YouTube UI and other features. OGYouTube has all the core functions of YouTube and additional features like; direct download links, background video play option, Dark Mode, Screen Minimisation, ad-free contents, etc. Users can also sign in with Google accounts on OGYouTube.


With VidMate, users can watch newly released movies, lots of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, Chinese, contents from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and stream unlimited media contents.

VidMate has an attractive user interface and easy navigation, making it one of the most downloaded streaming app.

Other features of VidMate includes; built-in browser, limited ads, extensive library of movies, etc.


SnapTube is a popular streaming app for downloading embedded videos and other media contents from websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. The app has a powerful downloader, user-friendly interface, multiple download feature, etc.


FlyTube is a streaming app with which users can view YouTube clips in a separate window. With FlyTube, users can resize the movable pop-up window to suit their taste. The window has playback controls to play/pause, backwind videos, etc.

YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a lite version of YouTube app developed by Google for low-end Android phones. YouTube go works well, even with a weak internet connection and can save videos offline. Other features include low data and consumption, fast download rate, similar UI with YouTube, etc.


iTube is also another streaming app with which users can play ad-free YouTube videos. The app works well in the background play, making it suitable as a music player app. The app has a vast music library of different genres of songs, user-friendly interface, core YouTube features, zoom options, etc.

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