Brawl Stars 23.72 Update: Get These Amazing New Skins as Soon as Possible

With Brawl Stars, you can now battle with friends, or solo, because there are many game modes to discover. You can unlock and upgrade Brawloers with your super ability. Collect original skins to show your best in the arena. Join or, why not, start a band, where you can share tactics and fight together.

Which are the game modes?

  • Showdown – Solo or Duo – a battle royale fight for survival. You need to collect power-ups for your Brawler. You need to be the last Brawler standing in the arena. The winner takes it all.
  • Gem Grab – 3v3 – make the team and make strategies in order to defeat the opposite team. You need to get ten gems in order to win, but be careful because you can lose them.
  • Heist – 3v3 – keep your team safe and try to defeat your opponents. Find the treasure they’re hiding by navigating the map.
  • Bounty – 3v3 – defeat your opponents to earn stars, don’t let them take the stars away from you. The squad with the most stars wins the match.
  • Brawl Ball – 3v3 – show your soccer skills and make sure you score two goals before the other team does.

You are constantly evolving, so make sure you are looking for new Brawlers, skins, and maps, which will come in handy in the future games.

Also, collect and upgrade the Brawlers, level them up by using power points and collect unique skins. There are leaderboards, and you might want to climb the line and become the best Brawler of all time.

So what’s new in the Brawl Stars 23.72 update?

There are new high-quality skins with Brown & Friends. El Brown, Leonard Carl, and Sally Leon will come soon. The team also made improvements in the quality of life with this new Brawl Stars 23.72 update.

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