Checkra1n iPhone Jailbreak Available from Security Experts

As the checkra1n iPhone jailbreak continues to spread, some security experts worry that it may be used for malevolent purposes by some hackers or modders.

A jailbreak solution allows users to bypass the restrictions imposed by Apple over iOS. After a jailbreak is installed they can install apps and tweaks from external sources, as many of them are not available via official channels. This means that you can install modified games with all the features unlocked, premium apps, and other tools for free.

It is not hard to see why jailbreaking is so attractive for a large number of potential users, but Apple’s decision to ban the practice from the early days is quite justified. In some cases the free apps that can be installed are infected with high-power malware that can steal valuable information from the device and send it to interested third-party groups.

One major vulnerability stems from the fact that a lost device could be found by someone and jailbroken to collect information about the owner. Millions of potential devices that can be lost can be converted into a valuable source of information by nefarious entities.

Checkra1n was released a week ago as an easy-to-install method that can be used to jailbreak your device. The exploit is based on a BootRom exploit known as checkm8, which was released in September. Checkm8 has been deemed to be a permanent exploit for devices that sport A5 to A11 processors and iOS 12.3 to 13.2.2.

The jailbreak solution is a semi-tethered one, which means that it has to be activated again after the device is rebooted.  To install the jailbreak on a device, you have to have access to unlocked devices and a macOS device that can run the exploit code.

Since the exploit is related to the BootROM, there is no way to fix it with the help of a security patch.

Arya Spetza

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