Clash of Clans December Update Available to Download with Powerful Yetis, Yetimites and New Defense Buildings

The developers of Clash of Clans have publicly announced that a major update is arriving this month. On the downside of things, the developers didn’t want to reveal any details about the features and game changes that the exciting update is scheduled to introduce. Fortunately, they have decided to finally give us a sneak peek of what’s to come so that all Clash of Clans fans can start preparing for the important changes that the upcoming update will make.

Townhall Updates

The December update is going to focus on Town Hall 13. However, this doesn’t mean that the developers have forgotten about previous levels of the Town Hall. In fact, Supercell has announced that Town Hall will now make it possible for players to add new troops to their armies. The troops will be available for recruitment directly from the barracks.

The Yeti Theme

If you like the Yeti theme, then we have some great news to share with you. The upcoming update is going to continue the theme for the months to come. To make things even better, Supercell will introduce a new troop called Yetimites which do more damage than normal Yetis. The Yetimites will carry a basket filled with pink items on their backs.

Here is how Supercell describes the abilities of the new Yetimites: “When the Yeti takes damage, its Yetimite friends will hop from their cozy wicker sanctuary and seek retribution. When the Yeti’s Hit Points reach zero, the remaining Yetimites break free and will swarm the enemy as they perform untold acts of mischief like hopping over Walls to deal damage or leave everyone’s shoelaces untied.”

Scattershot and Giga Inferno

Now that Yeti and Yetimites are doing massive damage to hordes of enemies, Supercell is also giving players the option to enhance their defenses with Scattershot and Giga Inferno. Scattershot is a defensive building that throws projectiles at enemies and the Gighoardes oa Inferno deals DOTS (damage over time) to enemies.

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