Clash of Clans: How to Get the Game on Your Computer

Mobile gaming has become very popular in the last decade, and some titles are so complex that is only used by people having a console or a PC. we are here to show you how to download Clash of Clans for Windows PC, be it 7, 8, or 10. There’s a high chance that, if you’re a real fan, you will get some extra screen real-estate while playing the game.

Clash of Clans has seen popularity in no time. Competitors are still here, but the game always beats them. It’s still a popular game that’s played by millions of people on their phones. And we can see why: the game is a fascinating one, which is also rewarding, especially if you’re putting a lot of time into it. (or money, if you are even buying things to help you in the game.). it doesn’t really matter the level that you’re on; there’s a very high chance that you will enjoy the game.

Players of this genre – RTS, real-time-strategy – will recognize the game’s tricks from the very beginning. Clash of Clans is a simple game – or at least seems to be. It’s all about how you’re managing resources, and how you balance your efforts to fulfill different tasks at once. It’s essential to study the tactics of your opponents if you want to beat them. All of these are probably familiar to you.

The game is free to download. If you get it for your PC, you’d also get everything in high-resolution. Downloading it on your iOS or Android is secure, but on PC, there are some steps to follow.

You’ll need an emulator for Android

You’re probably asking yourself, “why for Android.” Well, first of all, the game was designed to work on many devices from all kinds of manufacturers, so it’s easier to get it for Android instead of iOS, for example – since they are also very strict and it could only work for Apple’s devices. This is the standard method, and it’s better for you, too. We have plenty of emulation software to choose from, but we know which one is the best.

Which emulator is the best one out there?

If you search on Google, there are many emulation choices, but we are going to make your life easier. This one works well on both Windows PC and Mac.

Bluestacks is the first one that will probably appear on Google, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s the best choice for Clash of Clans. There’s a third-party software advertising after you install it, but it won’t be a problem, because you can always upgrade to the premium version of the emulator, which comes with a monthly cost.

So how to get it for PC?

You first need to install Bluestacks. The steps are now the same as you’d do on your phone. After you open the new emulator, you get the Home screen that looks very similar to that of a smartphone. Search for Clash of Clans on the Google Play Store, then download and install it. That’s everything. You can now enjoy your game on PC.

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