Clash of Clans November Season Update Available with the Ice Queen

Clash of Clans has remained a hit among players despite being released several years ago. The developer played a large role in the popularity of the game, releasing a constant stream of updates that added fresh content and kept players engaged and willing to play.

The November Season Challenges are now available, and new skin has arrived in the game. Fans of the Archer Queen will enjoy the Ice Queen skin, which brings a new look that is also in sync with the current period.

The vibe of Halloween was visible in the October Season when the Skeleton King Was released. Some may argue that the Archer Queen is spoiled since the character received the Valkyrie skin in July and the Autumn skin in September. However, it is impossible to say that the new Ice Queen skin is not impressive.

Players will have the chance to unlock the fresh skin by completing a series of in-game challenges. Among the tasks, we can mention the requirement to collect a specific amount of resources, attack enemy bases or use select troops in battle. Those who manage to complete the tasks will have a chance to earn magic items and other valuable loot, including the coveted Season Bank.

This is also the first season to be released after the landmark Clash of Clans World Championship took place in Hamburg, Germany, last week.

To get the chance to unlock the Ice Queen Skin, players will have to pay for the Gold Pass. The skin is the last reward, so players will have to play actively to unlock the skin. Those who want the skin but don’t wish to complete the challenges have the option to spend 2,600 Gems to unlock it directly.

The season will last until the last day of November, and players will have to collect 2600 Challenge Points to unlock all the rewards.

Arya Spetza

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