Clash of Clans Tips For War Attacks Strategies TH10

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games of the moment, having a vast fan base consisting of daily players that put a lot of time and effort into the game. Members of the Clash of Clans fan community are always creating plans and strategies to help them become masters. 

Lately, some Clash of Clans players have been trying to come up with war attack strategies that could become a new TH10. One way they accomplish this challenge is by watching YouTube videos on the subject, and OneHive Gazette has some of the best videos, explaining every factor that could influence an attack to work or not. 

If you are a die-hard Clash of Clans player but don’t have the time to watch all of these videos, don’t worry. We got you cover. We compiled all of the relevant tips and tricks for you. Further, we are going to discuss the four main attack types. 

General Tips

  • Here is some advice that will apply to every type of attack:
  • Pick a strategy and put it to test in friendly challenges or multiplayer mode.
  • If the ITs you are battling with are single target, replace the golems with giants. The best strategy is to try as hard as you can to come into the base and manage one IT at a time 
  • Bring a freeze if you are using a wreaker on a single target IT. Otherwise, the IT will probably destroy your wreaker. 

Bowitch Attack

  • After putting witches and/or a queen down two flanking sided, get these into your main base, in this order: a golem, a wall wreaker (if you have one), a king, and bowlers. 
  • Keep in mind that Bowitch is one of the “easy” types of armies. As long as your funneling and entry is correct, then you should be safe with a 2* attack. 
  • Plan the way you are going to attack the sides
  • Compartmentalized bases can get tricky, with the risk of losing your bowlers 
  • The golem and wreaker will walk ahead of your bowlers and clear traps, but when GBs go off under the bowlers it’s time to heal


  • Queen walk sending off 4 healers from one corner and along one side of the base. The adjacent corner the queen is heading towards should be cleared as soon as possible. One the funnel is in position, send in the wall wreaker, the king, and valks & bowlers. 
  • This is also a simple army type, and, as long as you get the initial funnel and entry done right, a 2* attack should pose no threat. 
  • Be careful, as a failed entry can wreck the entire attack
  • Attack troops scattered around the base can be problematic as mass heal and rage can not be done. 


GoBoHo / Wreaker Hog

  • Make a hole into the base using a kill squad. Next, send in hogs around the remaining U shape.
  • This attack strategy is a little bit riskier, but if you do everything right, you can get 3* on more base types than the previous attack types. 
  • Tightly packed bases are best, so hogs can stay together.
  • It’s very important that the kill squad takes down the AQ and CC. 
  • Have a poison ready for ground skellies.



  • This is a quite flexible army that can attack numerous bases. You need an AD and all associated air defenses. Similar to GoBoHo, you need to send out a kill squad initially.
  • Sweepers and / or ITs are a big bonus.
  • Works best with a hollowed-out base
  • Use the ADs to path the hounds across the base, protecting your loons that will clean out the defenses. 

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