Clash of Clans Tips — How to Manage Your Base

Clash of Clans is one of the oldest and most popular mobile games in the world. The iconic title was released over eight years ago and inspired a large number of similar titles. However, the original game continues to attract millions of players each month.

This guide will offer handy tips for new and returning players that wish to start a new base. Implement the advice found below, and you will have a solid base in no time.

Clash of Clans Tips — How to Manage Your Base

Rebuilt the Clan Castle

Rebuilding the Clan Caste is the priority for any new base. The Clan Castle plays a significant role in the game since it allows the player to join other clans. Joining a clan is a must, and it can influence the progression in a significant way.

A 10,000 coins fee has to be paid to rebuild the Clan Castle. To collect this sum, the players will have to upgrade the Town Hall and storage buildings. The Town Hall should be updated first since all the other building upgrades are tied to it. After you upgrade the Town Hall, it is advised to upgrade the gold storage.

The Goblin campaign will offer the chance to collect a significant amount of resources that can be spent to upgrade the base.

Joining a clan

When the Clan Castle is repaired, players will have the option to enter a clan. New players should join a request-and-leave clan that offers a lot of help without obligations. This type of clans will provide players with the chance to request troops and grow their base.

Invading rival bases

A solid base and powerful troops will allow players to invade the base of other players and collect valuable resources that can be used to enhance their base. Completing the Goblin campaign is an excellent idea since it will provide some training before facing real challenges.

Investing in defensive measures is a must in Clash of Clans since many players will try to retaliate by attacking your base in the future.

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