Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update Available to Download with A New Hero

As we know by now, Town Hall 13 is official, but without a release date, but we have our feelings that it will happen in December’s update. More to come is the new hero, the fourth one for the game. If you want to see the teaser, you can check it out; it came out this Tuesday morning.

Town Hall 13 and a New Hero

If you watch the teaser, you will see that an unknown thing is invading the Villages, and it attacks the people. Besides this, you will be surprised that the Hog Riders are presented in the shape of thirteen. Well, this is curious, right? The thing is that the shape of the Hog Riders and the number thirteen are giving us a clue about the arriving of the Town Hall 13. If this is true, then we can see the fact that the players will have the power to deploy Troops in many custom formations with this new update.

Moreover, if you are watching the trailer with attention, you will see a shadow from a new design that could be the Town Hall. But that’s not all! A Hog Rider will appear in a picture, and behind him, we see an object floating. What could that be? We are thinking about a holiday theme object, or maybe it’s still connected to the New Town Hall 13, like a floating castle or a base.

However, the exciting part of the teaser is another, when we see the photo with the three Heroes from Clash of Clans. Look closer because, in the back of the Barbarian King, you will see another figure, indecipherable.

Finally, we are wondering why the Builder is leaving the Home Village into the woods. We don’t know yet what are Supercell plans, but it seems that we should wait for many tricks, changes, and novelties.

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