Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update Available with New Leaks

Despite being released several years ago, Clash of Clans has remained one of the most popular titles among mobile gamers, with millions of active players each month.

A key part of the success of the game is played by the developer team, as a constant stream of patches added fresh content and kept players involved and willing to play the game. The October update enhanced the game, and players are looking forward to the Christmas update, as it may arrive with new content.

The October update came with some changes that were interesting. Supercell decided to remove the Global Chat feature because most of the discussion tended to devolve into fights among players, with name-calling and other offensive attitudes being included.

Players also gain the option to add Labels to their profile. These labels will lot other players know what favor or content they enjoy and facilitates the recruiting process since Clans can use them to search for specific members.

Some players hoped that a new Town Hall upgrade will be included, but Supercell had a very good reason to skip the feature for now. The ESL World Finals took place towards the end of October, and the addition of a new Town Hall level could have disrupted the balance.

A teaser for the Christmas update has been released, sparking heated discussions among players since the number 13 is featured. A high-ranking Supercell employee has stated that new endgame features will be included in the update, and a new Town Hall level could make an appearance.

It is also thought that the Christmas update could also include a new hero, building, and a fresh flying troop, as several hints are present in the teaser.

The update should be released during December, but the exact date remains elusive at this point. Some think that it could be December 13 or 15, but that remains to be seen.

Arya Spetza

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