Clash of Lords 2: We Will Finally Get the Windows Phone Version Update

You have probably heard before of a game called Clash of Lords 2, you know, that strategy game which, some time ago, received a significant update on the Android operating system. However, the team behind the game also promised to upgrade the Windows Phone and iOS versions, as well. First, they improve the game on Android. Then, the upgrades for Windows Phone and iOS get to the users much later, and sometimes it is quite annoying for players to wait so much, just because they are not running the Android operating system. Since the iOS upgrade came for us not long ago, there is still Windows Phone that needs to get the update – they are the only ones left out, without an update.

But when are we getting the upgrade for Windows Phone, too?

Today, the team behind the game has announced that Windows Phone is ready for the upgrade that will come with many improvements and features that are brand new. Finally!

First, there is a new battle mode that is called Hero Trials, which has been recently added. Players need to collect Hero Trials statues in order to increase the attacking HP of the Heroes. There are also two brand new classes, which are called Won Ton and the Berserker, which are now available for the game. The update also comes with an unlock evolution for Carol d’Belle and Savage Chief; it also increases the level cap for some individual buildings.

The makers also talked about how they included Passive Skills for high-level buildings and even a second Talent slot for Mercenaries. There’s also a new enchant hero feature, and a Valentine’s Packs added.

These are the heroes – they will get brand new skills when you enchant them.

Abyss Demon, with more leech,  it will increase HP recovery for its allies and the active skill is used,

Skull Mage, with magical forces, it will increase the duration of divine skills’ buffs, which will affect the ATK Rate, the speed, and the damage.

The Berserker, with buff up, it will increase HP and the attack for the newly added Guards.

They have also added some adjustments to the arena, daily challenges, which have been reduced to only 5, and the additional problems, which have also been reduced, but to 3. The continent map icon will redirect you directly to the Hero Trials.

A new Glory Egg item has also been added, which you will get through 10x Hire. These Glory Eggs are used to increase the level of Hero Glory Points. But you cannot use them beyond level 6.

The update also comes with a Holy Hammer and Hero-to-Hero Damage to battle report. From the shop, you can get an hour’s shield now.

Gamers can choose their reward from the Lucky Spin. Soul and Mutagen also have been added as prizes.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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