Complete Fortnite’s Challenge: ‘Open a chest within 60 seconds’ With These Handy Tips

The Winterfest event in Fortnite is still on and today on Christmas Eve, players are challenged to open a gift chest within 60 seconds once they have touched the ground after leaping out of the Battle Bus.

It might sound simple in theory, but this challenge is a bit tricky. however, we’ve got you covered with some tips that would help you complete this challenge in time.

How to Complete the ‘Open a chest within 60 seconds’ Challenge?

First off, choose a landing place – it is an essential part of the challenge, since the environment directly impacts it. There are some areas that have many chests, so head over there and try to open one fast before enemies show up to get their part of treasure or to eliminate you.

Where is that area filled with chests?

Sweaty Sands is a pretty spread out map that makes it very easy to find enemies faster than open a chest. This is why you must choose your favorite landing spot before taking a look at this image to see how many chests you can find in these locations.

As soon as you have decided your landing spot, make sure nobody lands close to you since you want to get to a chest first and not be killed on the road.

Once you have completed the tricky challenge, you can finally receive the Ice Fisher Back Bling.

Get This Festive Skin For Free!

Aside from the reward you get by completing the challenge, you can also get the new LT. Evergreen skin for free. Yes, that is a… Lieutenant dressed as a pine tree. Neat camouflage, right? Well, it’s easy to get this skin since all you have to do is enter the Lodge and click on the tree behind the chair!

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