Cortana Receives a Major Upgrade for Windows 10 20H1 PCs

Microsoft developers have been slowly deciding Cortana’s fate. A few months back, the company changed and even dropped some of their voice assistant’s features, such as removing its integration from Android or excluding its support for setting timers. It appears that the developers have now begun a period of revival. They chose to develop once again, as Lumia reports, an upgrade for Cortana Beta, a version dubbed 2.1912.18729.0. Such an update will arrive with many new features.

Cortana’s New Features

The update will introduce Suggested Tasks, a feature that will divide activities into three sub-categories, History, Found, and Archive. Also, Cortana will receive a WakeWord feature. Such a thing will allow users to start Cortana only by calling its name (this option was available in an old version of Cortana.

Moreover, we will some redesigned settings, meaning that Microsoft has slightly enhanced the settings of Cortana Beta, including a more stylish and active hamburger menu. Cortana Beta has also received support for some old variants of Microsoft 10. Now, users can download Cortana Beta only on Windows 10 PCs in a build of 19023. Other features include corrections and improvements to the system.

Right now, Cortana supports US-English only, but Microsoft promised more languages would be added in a short time to ensure users the most significant experience so far. It is, however, unknown if the range will be filled by rivals such as Amazon’s Alexa or if Microsoft will return to be relevant again.

Cortana’s Removed Features

As it is currently known, Microsft had done some cutting on Cortana’s features. There are plenty of removals such as Cortana’s support for “connect accounts,” jokes and other assistant dialogues, timers, and Bing active replies. Developers explain that Cortana Beta will try to revive users’ experience.

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