Crypto Notepad To Encrypt Your Sensitive Text Files

Windows Notepad is as good as it can be, but it lacks privacy and security options to match the current “invasion” of third-party apps that can steal our data. Crypto Notepad encrypts sensitive files using high-end encryption methods so that no one can access sensitive data.

Crypto Notepad is straightforward to use as it comes with a clean, user-friendly interface and several different encryption methods, such as MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.

If you feel that you need to secure your files, then Crypto Notepad is the ideal solution for you. It comes as freeware so that you don’t have to spend money on encryption programs. To secure your documents, all you have to dop is ti copy-paste them to a Copy Notepad text file, choose a key (password) and let the program do its job.

Encrypt Your Sensitive Text Files With Crypto Notepad

With well-established encryption methods, Crypto Notepad is above the other similar software. That because this one comes as freeware and it does not cost you anything to protect your sensitive files behind reliable encryption methods.

Crypto Notepad is ideal if you want to hide your text file from peeking eyes. This Windows 10 app is the best you’ll get for free in order to keep your documents safe. Remember, however, that Crypto Notepad is nothing like other apps of its genre. However, it is reliable in securing text docs and make a hard day for those who would try to figure out your password.

In conclusion, in case you want to keep some docs safe and away from peeking eyes, then Crypto Notepad is the ideal freeware program for Windows 10 that you have to try. It comes with reliable encryption methods, some features over Windows Notepad, and many more. In short, keep your text files safe with the encryption provided by Crypto Notepad.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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