Death Stranding Releasing Today

What we are about to tell you may blow your mind, so proceed at your own risk. But first, take a look at the Death Stranding poster which, bear in mind, was released three years ago, and tell us if you notice anything spectacular or exciting in any particular way.

Do you see it?

Well, we understand if you don’t, because no one saw it before it was recently pointed out by tweeter GermanStrands, but a crucial detail about the release of Death Stranding has been hiding in plain sight since 2016.

After taking a closer look at the poster, GermanStrand realized that the developers of the game haven’t been keeping its release date a secret at all. After you see it, it’s impossible to unsee. We’ll give you a clue. There is a total of 11 letters, connected by 8 strands. So 11/8.

Therefore, we only have a few more hours to wait for the official release of Death Stranding, the much-awaited action game developed by Kojima Productions. Honestly speaking, it takes an admirable amount of dedication and punctuality to be able to commit and stick to a deadline that was set years ago.

Although the game hasn’t been released yet, the internet has already been flooded with reviews. Some rumors even say a Rick and Morty collaboration could be in the working.

Based on what we managed to find out up to now, the game reflects current events, especially Trump and Brexit. Even more, it might give us some insight into how Kojima’s first feature film could look like.

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