Deathmatch Mode Gaining More and More Popularity

Almost a month ago, a new Deathmatch mode was added to PUBG, receiving a good amount of positive feedback from players. Fans claim this new mode is the best creation ever that Tencent came up with for PUBG.

This raises the level of competition between PUBG and Call of Duty. The next game of the franchise, Call of Duty Mobile, entered its beta phase and also offers a Deathmatch mode, raising the question: which Deathmatch Mode is better?

PUBG Mobile is gaining more and more popularity lately, killing off the competition in segments. Its Deathmatch mode is inspired by Call of Duty Mobile, but players still can’t decide which one is better.

While Call of Duty Mobile is only in its beta phase, PUBG Mobile is already settled, having a huge growing fanbase. Technically speaking, the COD Deathmatch mode is better, but popularity is the factor that stops the game from reaching its full potential. 

Since we are talking about Deathmatch, it’s worth to mention the Counter Strike version of the mode, which is still leading the segment. CS’s Deathmatch mode is currently considered the best, and players believe its level can not be surpassed. 

Why is Deathmatch So Popular?

First of all, this mode is a far more fun experience for the player, requiring less time and concentration. The majority of gamers are looking to kill time and some of them fear losing their rank, so they prefer Deathmatch over any other mode.

Even more, Deathmatch improves your in-game reactions, training your attention and improving your spray reflexes. Gamers can use this mode to determine the sensitivity and DPI scales and then adjust the settings as needed. Deathmatch mode is also a great opportunity to train your aiming. Since it doesn’t affect your rank, it’s the best option to put your abilities to the test. 


Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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