Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered: The Big Announcement Is Here

It happened last year at BlizzCon – Blizzard announced that they would release a new Diablo game. As usual, when a new Diablo game is published, it’s a huge deal for everyone. But not this time, though. You’re probably asking yourself why. After making an announcement about Diablo 4, the company announced Diablo: Immortal, which is a mobile game. Fans were not happy that the big Diablo announcement was about a mobile game – it doesn’t even look like an excellent mobile game. The message was terrible; the presentation was a bit awkward, the perfect recipe for a PR disaster for the company.

As per Metro, which is a source that previously leaked BlizzCon announcements, Diablo 4 will be announced at the show, together with a remastered Diablo 2. However, Metro did not give any other details, but they did say that the scoop is from the same source, which leaked info about Overwatch’s new hero Ashe about a year ago. They did it before BlizzCon.

The company has confirmed that they are working on Diablo 4, so we expected them to announce the game at some point. Diablo 2 remastered will probably be available for modern consoles.

Here we are only talking about rumors, so it’s nothing for sure yet. There are no verified reports. But taking into account the history of these sources, we tend to believe them.

Of course, the two big Diablo announcements came perfectly for Blizzard. We are talking about one of the hottest PR video games of this generation. There may be one thing that’s rival to Blizzard’s success – the loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II, which caused the EA stock to catch the attention of lawmakers from all around the world.

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