Diablo 4 to be Announced at BlizzCon 2019

Blizzard has faced serious backlash after an uninspired decision, but the cherished developer may have a chance to redeem itself in the following weeks.

A major controversy was sparked by the decision to punish a professional Hearthstone player. The player, called NG ‘’Blitzchung ‘’ Wai Chung, made a political statement related to Hong Kong during a recent tournament stream. While he merely stated the motto of the Hong Kong protestors Blizzard went into immediate damage control, announcing a heavy penalty for the player and the casters who were involved in the event.

The incident comes at the worst time possible since BlizzCon will take place in less than three weeks, and many Blizzard fans have been disappointed by the actions of the company.  Blizzard decided to lessen the punishment after the negative feedback from the community, but the damage is already done.

Last year the Diablo fans who attended BlizzCon were disappointed when the company announced Diablo Immortal, a Diablo game developed exclusively for smartphones and tablets.  The public reaction was quite negative as the crowd booed the presenter, and a Red Shirt Guy asked if the announcement was a delayed April’s Fool’s joke.

Blizzard claimed that the move was inspired by the ambition to bring the Diablo experience to new potential fans, but many argued that the title is yet another attempt to earn money from a well-known IP by releasing a freemium mobile game which has the potential to be pay-to-win in the long run.

Some leaks have argued that a new Diablo game is currently in development, and a possible announcement could be offered during BlizzCon. The same sources have also mentioned a few details about a new Overwatch title, which is more focused on the lore and could feature a story mode.

Until BlizzCon arrives, we can only hope that the company will manage to repair its reputation and offer players the same high-quality experience, which made it famous.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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