Diablo IV – Blizzard Takes The Community Feedback Into Consideration

Apparently, Diablo IV will come with elective mode-style skill selection. This was confirmed by David Kim, the lead system designer of the game.

In a recent post by Blizzard, the lead systems designer talked about the community feedback that’s already chatting about the next Diablo game. When designing a game, it is essential to take into account these fantastic resources. Kim stated that, over the years, he has learned that the player community is crucial when refining and designing a game.

When it comes to Diablo IV, one of the most exciting things might be skill slots. The user interface from the Diablo IV BlizzCon 2019 demo suggested that there are locked skill slots, but the user interface is not final. Kim also confirmed that the game would come with an elective mode-style skill selection. They will also be completely open for all the players out there.

Diablo IV’s Community Feedback Is Important For Blizzard

Kim also discussed itemization – a post will appear soon. They are still reading all the feedback they got regarding itemization, and they are right now considering ways to come up with even more depth to the base items. This might be a great way to add variety to the details to make it more interesting.

The player’s choice also needs to be meaningful, and they need to look for ways to give players more freedom when it comes to customizing items. By doing so, players will be able to explore amazing gameplay possibilities instead of just taking a look at the optimal build online.

According to the community feedback, the team behind the Diablo IV will make changes to the Ancient Items, because they are not really helpful right now. Kim also talked about Keyed Dungeons, the endgame progression, and the power sources.

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