Dirt Rally, A Popular PlayStation 4 Racing Game, Is Out Of The PlayStation Store For Good

If you are a fan of racing games, this news will not make you happy. One of the most popular PlayStation 4 game, Dirt Rally, left for good the PlayStation Store.

It seems the game will be delisted from other stores too. The developers of Dirt Rally hasn’t made any comments about this exit, but the rumors claim that a license issue could be the problem. Nowadays, it seems more plagued racing games appear, and once discovered, they are removed from sale if their license expires.

Codemasters is the name of the company that designed and published the game for Microsoft Windows. The Steam Early Access version of Dirt Rally released in April 2015, followed by the release of the full version of the game in December 2015. A year later, the game launched for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Also, a physical PC DVD released at the same time with the other versions.

Popular PlayStation 4 Racing Game, Dirt Rally, Is Not Anymore on PlayStation Store

If you are a fan of the rally, this racing video game was perfect for you. Having different stage events to compete, you would have to rally on off-road terrain, facing the changing weather conditions. With 17 cars and 36 stages from real locations, Monte Carlo, Powys, and Argolis, there was no room for getting sick of the game.

So it’s sad we won’t have access to the game anymore. There is still hope if Codemasters will work on the license issue so the game can come back to the stores. But from its release, Dirt Rally 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 launched, so maybe it’s time to consider that this game made enough since its launch.

It might not be a good idea for the developers to focus on Dirt Rally due to financial costs to renew its license. With all that said, Dirt Rally remains one of the most authentic and exciting rally game ever created.

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