Dota 2 Receives Complete Overhaul

Dota 2’s Outlander’s update brings many things, such as teleportation, delivery, late-game advantages, and item improvements. The rest of the game stays the same, meaning you still have to destroy computer-controlled monsters to get rewarded with coins and experience.

Among one of the most significant new features introduced, we mention the following:

  • Players enjoy now the observer wards for free;
  • The game starts with three town portal scrolls;
  • Players can start now with their courier to carry tools for them rather than the whole team sharing only one;
  • Couriers can now put wards that offer insight over the area of the map shrouded by a mist of war starting from level 15;
  • Some current tools and heroes were revised;
  • Side shops were removed and replaced with outposts which offer coins, bonus XP, and can be teleported to by whoever got it;
  • Neutrals (computer-controlled) now randomly lose one of 62 tools, such as the new Phoenix Ash (extra five seconds of living);
  • Heroes can now level from 25 to 30, and unlock all their talent tree, too;
  • Stout shield has been eliminated from the game.

Dota 2 update brings even more novelties

Among the basics of utilizing your hero’s skills to destroy other players, Dota 2 is mostly based around controlling earnings and map control.

To win the game, players must earn as much experience as they can, which can be collected at any given time. Also, by doing that, it needs knowing where the other team is located on the map. One of the newest updates brings those two above mentioned goals closer to success by making some tools drop from monsters.

Moreover, for players, it will be easier to control everything around the map and increase vision. Dota 2 has always surpassed at realizing hundreds of hours of experience. The latest update came as a real improvement for the game.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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