Epic Games Plans To Submit Fortnite To The Google Play Store, But There’s A Catch

Fornite encountered an issue last year when it was released. Players couldn’t install the game only by accessing the Google Play Store. The problem is still present; for example, the battle royale game has to be downloaded straight from Epic Games and then sideloaded.

One of the reasons, according to the developers, is that Epic Hames didn’t want to let Google benefit from its mandated 30 % part of productive in-app purchase income. Developers now wish for a unique exception to that agreement. According to some well-known sources that are familiar with the present issue, Epic is imminently preparing to propose Fortnite to Google for availability through the Play Store accepting its payments platform.

If Google, however, were to agree upon this upgrade, it would be more or less similar to the variant Android users are experiencing it today.

Epic Games Plans To Submit Fortnite On Google Play Store With A Unique Billing Exception

Moreover, the game would significantly leverage Epic’s present purchasing system to buy ‘V-Bucks.’ The currency is a virtual one that lets players get desired in-game outfits, emotes, pickaxes, and more. Players should add a credit or debit card to purchase some items. Fortnite developers would also get 100 % of the transaction.

If Epic Games use its payment way would be in contravention of Google’s policy that “developers offering a product within a game downloaded on Google Play Store…must use Google Play in-app Billing as the method of payment.” On the smartphone, Google Play or Apple App Store has historically held a 30 % cut on purchases as “operating fees.”

It’s unknown, however, if Google will give an exception to Epic Games as that would bring other issues, and it would make other third-party services to demand the same. We must wait for an official statement to find out how lucky Epic was in this case.

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