Extreme Internet Use Negatively Influence The Study Skills In Students

According to recent research, students who utilize the internet too much will fight with one of the most noticeable effects of the body so far. They can’t focus anymore and become anxious and less motivated with their exams. Such a result was made more severe by the boosted feelings of loneliness that utilize the internet brought, detailed the research.

Phil Reed, a study researcher, explained: “The results suggest that students with high levels of internet addiction may be particularly at risk from lower motivations to study, and, hence, lower actual academic performance.” For achieving all the results, researchers enrolled 285 university students for the study. They were evaluated for their usage of the internet, motivation, loneliness, study capabilities, and anxiety.

The study discovered a lousy link between the willingness to study and internet addiction. Also, for the participants who use excessively the internet, are more anxious about their upcoming exams, and find it harder to focus on learning.

Internet Use Affects Students’ Study Skills

The results also displayed that internet addiction was connected with the intense feeling of loneliness, and such a state made it even harder for students. Almost 25 % of the students stated that their daily internet experience is up to four hours, while the rest of the participants reported one to three hours daily.

They also detailed that the primary use of the digital technology is for social networking, approximately 40 %, and 30 % for information seeking, explained the researchers.

Moreover, the findings showed that loneliness has a massive part in positive feelings about the university life in higher education. As the researchers state, the more reduced social interactions that are known to be linked with digital technology addiction turn loneliness more hurtful. Also, the feeling influenced the motivation to engage in other social, educational activities.

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