Facebook Beta Is Available To Download With Improvements

Facebook is a renowned social network designed and owned by Mark Zuckerberg. It totals billions of users worldwide, and it’s one of the oldest social media networks in the market. With a web-based version plus Facebook apps for Android and iOS, Facebook covers all the major platforms out there. Recently, Facebook Beta for Android comes with improvements and bug fixes.

Facebook Features

Facebook comes with dozens of methods to find, connect, and talk with your acquaintances. From searching contacts by name to finding old pals searching them using other criteria such as school, the town of residence, work, and so on, Facebook has it all.

Sending friend requests to friends and family is not enough for many users. So, Facebook also offers you the opportunity to chat with your contacts on the social network. Besides, you can share images, videos, give check-ins, and many more.

Nonetheless, you can join a group that suits your interests, like Facebook pages that you care about, or even spot social events near you. Also, you can play games via Facebook and share your results with your friends.

Noteworthy, you can also keep in touch with local businesses and see what novelties they offer. Even more, Facebook Marketplace gives you a pleasant and secure environment to buy and sell stuff.

Facebook Beta Rolled Out With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Many Facebook updates for Android come with new features and/or visual changes and enhancements. That’s not the case of Facebook Beta.

Accordingly, Facebook Beta update for Android only brings some improvements and bug fixes. To enjoy every Facebook Beta release, you can join the Facebook Beta program.

Note that the latest Facebook Beta version is, as its name says, only a Beta, meaning that it might not be stable. If you want to use Facebook daily, without issues, you should wait for the next stable version to come out.

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