Facebook Lite Beta Is Now Out With Some Improvements and Bug Fixes

In the past mobile phones were limited to the ability to perform calls, send text messages, and use a few handy features like a unit converter.

The rise of smartphones chance the life of many people as the power of the internet was now accessible in the palm of their hands. The devices grant access to a variety of handy features that can improve your daily life and offer hours of entertainment.

One of the most useful features comes in the form of being able to use social media apps to stay in touch with your friends and family. Many people prefer to use social networks for this task, with the biggest and most popular one being Facebook.

Facebook offers a standalone smartphone app, but some users cannot install it since their device does not meet the minimum system requirements. To bypass this limitation, the company decided to release Facebook Lite, a particular version of the main app, which was designed with performance in mind. Many of the popular features offered by the platform are also available to Facebook Lite users. Finding friends and family and adding them as friends is intuitive and straightforward.

What’s new in the latest Facebook Lite Beta update?

Users can share status updates and add emoji to make them more attractive. More spice can be added by including your favorite photos and memes. They can be uploaded and posted seamlessly. There is also the option to uploaded your favorite images and create dedicated albums that keep them safe.

Another great perk is represented by the presence of several functions that can help you to organize and plan events. The app can be used to find the hottest local events, learn more about exciting locations, make reservations, and organize a perfect evening with friends.

With the help of an advanced data protocol, Facebook Lite will work even in areas were only 2G signal is available. The latest beta update, Facebook Lite Beta, comes with new performance improvements.

Wendy Chang

Wendy Chang

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