Facebook To Launch Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV With Integrated WhatsApp

Facebook is about to launch more smart products for in-home use. The three new Portal devices, Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV, will have the mission to connect families and friends. All of the three Portals will have WhatsApp calling integrated. It seems like the right way for Zuckerberg to connect even more his messaging platforms.

These three new devices will be available in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada.

About Facebook To Launch Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal TV


Portal will come as an update of the smart display released last year. The new design will bring a 10-inch HD display, specially made for video calls, photos, and watching videos. Also, the screen is brightness and color adjustable. This way, the environment around you will look more natural when you will take a picture or when you engage in a video call.

Portal Mini

This device will have an 8-inch H.D. display, designed as a picture frame. When you do not use the device to take calls, you can use it to display pictures, videos, and birthday reminders. All this is possible with the Superframe feature.

Both devices have a built-in speaker. That way, you will be able to listen to music and hear the person from the other end of the line.

Portal TV

This device will bring your calls on a big screen in the comfort of your home. This screen will have a camera, and a microphone incorporated. You will have the freedom to walk around the room and talk and see the person you are calling. If you move around the room, the AI-powered smart camera will pan and zoom for you to always be in the frame. Also, Portal TV will have the power to volume down the background noise and bulk up the voice of the person you are speaking.

Will There Be WhatsApp Calling Privacy and Security Issues?

Mark Zuckerberg is smart enough to anticipate privacy and security fear. Facebook announced some essential features that would come with the Portal devices. So you will have the power to disable the camera and microphone with a simple tap. A red light will indicate when the camera and microphone are off. Additionally, there will be an integrated camera cover if you are feeling more secure by physically block the lens.

The AI technology will run locally on Portal servers, so Facebook will have nothing to do with the WhatsApp calling feature.

A cool thing about these upcoming Portal devices is that you will control them, if you want, with your voice. Just use the integrated Amazon Alexa, and everything will be so much easier. For now, you can use Alexa only in the US and Canada, English being the only language available on the devices.

If you want one of these, pre-orders are now available in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The Portal Mini is $129, the Portal is $179, and the Portal TV costs $149. If you want to save $50, you can pre-order two portal devices.

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